The Bridge Project

A project of the Institute for Public Strategies.

The Bridge Project is a community effort to reduce teen marijuana use through education and policy in Venice, CA. Preventing teen marijuana use requires more than simply educating kids about the dangers of using marijuana. Young people are growing up in a new era where medical and even recreational marijuana use is acceptable to many adults.

The Bridge Project does not have a position on adult marijuana use. We are simply interested in making sure there are sufficient controls in place to keep it out of the hands of youth under 21. We believe the harms associated with underage marijuana use can be contained through regulation similar to that of alcohol sales.

The Bridge Project is also concerned with the availability of synthetic marijuana. Synthetic marijuana is proven repeatedly to be a very dangerous product that should not be sold anywhere. Despite the use of the name ‘marijuana,’ synthetic marijuana is not technically marijuana.

This Website was made possible by funds from the County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Control.

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